Video 5 of 12 of debate betwwn Koukl and Baker

I notice in this video that Professor John Baker won't answer the real questions being put to him. He also seems to be taking up valuable time in giving the non answers. He then seemed to turn to twisting the questions, even rewording them then answering them, and seemed to be very purposely missing the points.

Greg Koukl was too nice, one could say, and its unfortunate because if he had not been so nice, then they would likely have used that against him. Professor John Baker doesn't realize he has already lost the argument/debate, in my opinion, yet continues on in talking rather slow like a teacher in a classroom full of kids.

I have seen this kind of what I will call a tactic, before. It appeals to the group in the audience around them, to make the judgements on things, using sheer "side taking." He knows some will likely not listen to the actual debate, the actual words and reasonings being given to make their call, as much as who supports their own held worldview.