Video 3 of 12, Greg Koukl and Professor John Baker from Calgary, debating over whether moral truths exit.

I find it interesting that Professor John Baker makes it clear he isn't denying evil in this part of the debate. That is fascinating because it shows us he comes right out and admits that moral truths exist. He says that Evil exists, which is a moral "call" to make.

He carries on, when I could stay awake (not a put down, I fell asleep 3 times during his slide projections), about things that aren't proving whether or not moral truths exist. This reminds me currently of what I have observed going on in my country, the United States with politicians and people. They can sometimes talk a lot about things that are not the point really, and people don't think well enough to even notice they are not saying something amazing, or just missing the points entirely. Its very frustrating, in fact one of the most depressing things I observe in life, that people don't really want to discuss the things that really matter at all.

At any rate, John Baker proves he affirms there is evil indeed, while claiming to prove his side of the debate, which I do not see at all. I am trying to be fair here. We begin to see that Greg will have to deal with a person that doesn't want to just discuss the facts of whether or not moral truths exist at all. Its gonna be tough!